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Which level is right?

Arts Award is designed to support children and young people to develop their skills and interests in the arts, building their knowledge as they progress through the levels. Young people can start at any level and FYA group leaders can help to determine the best starting point by considering the needs and abilities of each individual. The flexible framework means young people can work across a wide range of arts, cultural and heritage activities and projects, including creative and technical roles.


Arts Award Discover

Arts Award Discover is designed for ages 5 and above but is open to anyone aged up to 25.


To achieve Arts Award Discover, children and young people collect evidence in an individual arts log of their experiences of:

  • taking part in arts activities - this can be any new or existing arts skill (eg dance, singing, film making, modelling, photography) and can be an individual or group activity

  • finding out about artists or craftspeople and their work

  • sharing their arts discoveries with others

What is an individual arts log?

The arts log can be in any format as long as it provides  the required evidence. It could be written work, photographs, drawings, online blogs or vlogs, voice recordings. The FYA group leaders will help each young person find a format that suits their needs and abilities.

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